Past Project, oh how my library has grown.

Dear Reader,

It’s amazing how much has changed, since the creation of my first book, Black Female’s Privilege. I have written many books that are close to my heart. Topics that I am absolutely passionate about, and even more, topics that my friends have held in secret, within their hearts.

I am so thankful for my supporters that have stuck with me from Day 1, my goodness, thank you. I have been working non-stop, and I have many more interesting discussions for my non-fiction fans. And, such exciting worlds for my fiction fans to enter.


Here, is to an eventful summer! It’s about to get HOT! 🙂

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Tina returns to Atlanta, only to find that there are a string of murders and disappearances, including her close friend, Jackie. To solve the mystery, Tina must face her own fears in Georgia. There is more than Southern Hospitality that has taken root in Atlanta, there is a creeping evil that only She can defeat.